Milan Petrovic

Candidate Testimonials

LD (Sydney): I contacted Ryan back in 2008 when working at PWC, he gave me some good insight into the audit market at the time and we decided together that I would spend another 12 months within the Big 4. Almost a year later he contacted me about an inhouse role within a Utilities firms and was influencial in helping me land my dream opportunity. I will always keep in contact with Ryan and have referred a number of friends to him.


BN (Sydney): Ryan advertised a Corporate Tax Manager position soon after I arrived in Sydney from Europe. It wasn’t ideal but I applied and met him in the city. He kept in touch with me every week until I found something suitable. It gave me a level of comfort that there was a recruitment consultant who took care in my career especially having no Australian Tax Experience. I now work at a large Funds Management Group and will always remember the confidence that Ryan gave me in my early Sydney existance. Thank You RJ


AS (Sydney): I was contacted by Ryan while I was working at KPMG. My ex-colleague who moved in-house had passed on my details as I had been unhappy for a couple of months since returning from maternity leave. What I felt Ryan did best at first was listen where other recruiters just tried to sell jobs to me. After assessing my options we embarked on a project to look for part-time opportunities for me. This is where Ryan really excelled and pro-actively approached a number of employers on my behalf. He sent me weekly emails with his progress and eventually found a client looking for someone to link their corporate tax team and accounting function. He coached me through the interview process which resulted in an offer. I was very grateful for his care and attention. We still keep in contact and was pleased to hear that he recently got married!


CS (Sydney): What I feel makes Ryan unique from all other recruiters in the Sydney market is his knowledge and experience of the International Recruitment Market. I came to him for a Senior Tax Manager opportunity in Sydney not knowing that a move to Asia was a possibility for someone at my level.  He spoke me through all the current and upcoming Tax opportunies that were vacant in Asia, this way I could be closer to my family in HK. Within 2 weeks he had presented me with a job profile for a Fortune 500 company and later arranged a telephone interview. 2 interviews later, this company flew me to Singapore and made me a verbal offer. I have been with the firm for 2+ years now and appreciate Ryan holding my hand through that daunting process.


A number of recently placed job seekers have also promised to share their experience with Ryan and we will be including their comments as soon as we receive them