Milan Petrovic

Australia Jobs

Actuate Recruitment Group has identifed three trends amongst job seekers in the Australian recruitment market. These are when job seekers consider making the move from:


Whether you have spent 3 years qualifying in one of the professional services firms or given 4 – 8 years becoming a Senior Manager within the Big 4, a logical next-step is moving in-house to one of the many ASX listed companies. These market leaders rely on Actuate to help identify high performing individuals for their Internal Audit, Taxation, Accounting and Finance functions.

When asking a job seeker their reason for making such a move, they reply that more money, fewer hours, less travel and ultimately a better work/life balance are the key factors.


Larger companies in Australia have their own in-house team ranging from 1-140 staff member in size.

Job seekers move between these companies in order to take on additonal responsibilities, secure a promotion, greater visibility or proximity to the decision makers. Where certain Heads of or General Managers (heading the function) have been in the position for 5+ years with no indication of moving on, the Senior Manager will often approach Actuate to help them identify a new opportunity which may then realise their ultimate leadership position.

When asking a job seeker their reason for making such a move, they reply that they have been in the position for 2-4 years and want to move to a company with a larger department where they can manage more staff and also have the added option of moving internally into another part of the business at a later stage.


Everyone likes to hear a success story of an individual starting off in a small remote or regional town and becoming a CEO of a large listed business or Prime Minister of a country. The consultants at Actuate have successfully helped a number of ambitious job seekers make such a move to Australia’s larger cities.

LOCAL: Moving between Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane and Adelaide is now even easier due to our extensive network of loyal clients in the Big 4 accounting firms and ASX 200 businesses who are always looking for exceptional job seekers to join their team.

GLOBAL: Through a joint venture (JV) with an International Recruitment firm based in the United Kingdom, the team at Actuate are able to offer Australian based job seekers the opportunity of a life time to live and work overseas. We have exciting opportunities in most major cities including London, New York, Toronto, Hong Kong and Zurich. For those who want a change from city living, we also offer offshore job opportunities in the popular jurisdictions of  Cayman Islands, Bermuda and Channel Islands for those who want a more relaxed and care-free lifestyle.

Included in this international move is a full work visa, relocation allowance, international flights, initial accommodation amongst other value added services.

When asking a job seeker their reason for making such a move, they reply that they have always wanted to live and work overseas. Very often a 3-6 month secondment is offered internally but this is not enough to satisfy their hunger of living and working outside of Australia for an extended period of time.