Milan Petrovic

Our Recruitment Process

We utilise a successful five-step methodology for sourcing candidates.


After 8 years of interviewing candidates daily, we have built a knowledge management database of over 1000 qualified Sydney based candidates which is constantly expanding.


We are constantly involved in networking with candidates at industry functions and events, through sponsorships and volunteering on committees. We are also actively involved on social networking sites including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


We constantly advertise in digital and traditional media ranging from the large national job boards, to industry specific websites to the Financial Review.


Years of involvement in the Cape Town, UK and Sydney market, many candidates refer colleagues to us and we have an extensive network of quality referrals. In 2010, 65% of candidates that Ryan placed were from referrals both locally and from the UK.


We use advanced sourcing technologies to access current information of the key players in the market. We employ a dedicated researcher to allow you to reach the often superior passive candidates.

Where to from here?
If you have any actual or pending vacancies or recruitment issues, please let us know as we hope to assist.